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Ralph the Pwner

I’ve been a bad blogger. No updates in over a week. Barely any tweets. I blame my new computer and the endless sales on Steam.

On that note, it’s taken me, like, three weeks, but I’ve just finished The Well at the World’s End by William Morris. This book is the grandaddy of all modern fantasy and was highly influential on Tolkien when he was writing The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, but it’s nowhere near as heavy – Morris doesn’t describe the exact shade of green contained in every blade of grass whenever the scene changes. There are even a couple times when Tolkien should probably have been sued for lifting right from The Well, but whatevs.

I’m going to have a few more points to make about this book in the near future, but for starters here’s a rage comic of one of my favorite moments early in the story.



A Wolf by Any Other Name

Today’s update to Poorly Drawn Comics features Loki (*puts on non-prescription glasses and lights an American Spirit* I was into Norse mythology before the Avengers movie) and his son Narfi. Just in case I’m not the only Norse mythology nerd out there, the mythology surrounding Loki’s two, possibly three sons is super confusing. One theory has it that Loki’s son Narfi, a.k.a. Nari, gets killed by Loki’s other son Vali who is the guy that gets turned into a wolf. The other theory is that Narfi turns into a wolf and has a brother named Nari. I’m pretty sure there’s a third version where Narfi, Nari, and Vali all exist and get turned into wolves, and the whole thing is an episode of Too Cute!

George, the Frogs, and the Half-King

Today’s Poorly Drawn Comic depicts one of my favorite events in history: the Battle of Jumonville Glen. To get a really in-depth description of it, read The War that Made America by Fred Anderson. Actually, you can read pretty much anything by Fred Anderson and get at least a shout-out to this battle. I’m a Fred Anderson fangirl – he is seriously The Best, you guys.

What makes this a great moment in history is that it kind of sums up George Washington’s insanely awful early career. For a lot of people, it’s hard to imagine that Washington, his name now synonymous with American victory, was once kind of a bumbling failure. Not to mention, he comes, like, this close to dying in the French & Indian war at least three times and only escapes by sheer luck akin to that of Mr. Magoo.

I tried Wikipediaing the battle, but the entry doesn’t describe it with nearly as much irony (intended or otherwise) as Anderson does in his brief history of the war. But trust me, it went pretty much exactly how I drew it.

Confessions: I’m a historyphile with a BA in US History. I talk about 300-year old dead guys like I knew them. I only played the third Assassin’s Creed because it took place during the American Revolution. I went to Colonial Williamsburg on my honeymoon and again for my birthday last year. I do more cooking during power outages than at other times just so I can pretend I’m living in the Pennsylvania frontier of the mid-eighteenth century. I can’t make this shit up.

Hate is in the Air

Happy Valentine’s Day. There, I said it.


As the Ginger recovers from food poisoning, my car and the icy weather ganged up to screw with me. After driving to work while manually holding my driver’s side door shut, my car (Bosie) decided to lock me in and never let me go. Something between a seizure and a demonic possession came over Bosie’s locking mechanism, forcing me to climb out on the passenger side. Maybe it’s Bosie’s way of showing he loves me. Apparently he gets his advice from controlling boyfriends, or maybe Lifetime.

Anyway, yet another page of Yon Monologues is up, and this time Shakes has finally found the man he’s been hunting all over London.

Don’t Panic!

Hope you guys like the site’s new look. I promise, I won’t make a habit of changing everything all the time. I changed a few things around to be a little more organized, so hopefully it works!

Anyway, enjoy some bonus updates to Yon Monologues of Vengeance – it’s got its own dropdown under the Poorly Drawn Comics page now! The next time we see The Bard, he will finally find the man he’s been hunting all over town… Or maybe not. If you’re a lit geek, you just might recognize the guy – unless my art skills really are as terrible as I think.

Also, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day for those of you who care about that sort of thing. I’m on a diet this year, so I don’t care.