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Live from My Couch, it’s Friday Afternoon

My last revision is finally done, guys! Bourbon all around!

As I emotionally prepare myself for this year’s first round of rejections, I begin my next project: taming the chipmunk that leaves next to my patio. I’ve been feeding him almonds regularly, hoping to either gain his trust or fatten him to the point of immobility. Also, I made the Set Phasers to LOL homepage of


I know. I’m being SO productive in my downtime.

That Much Closer to Dying Happy

I will not blog while drinking bourbon.

I will not blog while drinking bourbon.

I will not bahreiah ashwile haidlnadjf!!1111

Guys! Heather and I made the homepage of Autocowrecks with our silliness! Check it out!

More Billy Shakes, Plus Snowy Time Adventures

Did everyone survive Nemo? At least I got some reading and short story editing done. For anyone who was wondering, it turned out to be a bourbon and flan kind of winter storm. A box full of books arrived Saturday, so I started reading Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl three or four years too late, and I’ve got a few more YA must-reads that I’ll probably burn through in the next couple of weeks. I’m especially excited to read Every Day by David Levithan, author of the hilarious/poignant/deeply touching Boy Meets Boy and fellow New Jerseyan.

Check out Poorly Drawn Comics for the next page of Yon Monologues of Vengeance, if you’re into that sort of thing (Elizabethan drama and awful drawing).