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Unicorns. Unicorns everywhere.

It’s been a while, but I’m just now recovering from the mental hangover from last Saturday’s events. I’m talking, of course, about the Unicorn Writers Conference.

Yes, that’s for real what it’s called. Yes, they were selling all sorts of paraphernalia with unicorns on it. Yes, I forgot to buy a t-shirt, but I did get a commemorative mug and tote included in the price of admission.

The UWC was a great experience for me, a total amateur and first-time conference goer. Not only was it educational and eye-opening, but I met a lot of other awesome newbies. It was a great way to find out that I’m not alone, that there are a lot of aspiring authors who share my fears and doubts.

After a day of brewing up contingency plans in light of the freak snowstorm followed by a restless night in a really nice suite (restlessness due in part to jitters, in larger part to the sumo wrestler turned tap dancer staying in the suite one floor up), Heather and I steeled our introvert nerves and headed off to St. Clement’s Castle. Somehow, we made a table full of acquaintances by the time Matthew Pearl gave the key note speech, and then it was time for a long day of workshops. It was kind of like twelve hours of school except I gave a damn about what was happening. We had such a good time, we were reluctant to leave our new writers-in-arms by the end of the night, feeling silly to have ever been nervous at all.

So, for all my fellow aspiring authors, if you haven’t gone to a writers’ conference yet, do it. They’re expensive (UWC is the cheapest I’ve found so far), but it’s well worth it to learn from the varied workshops and to get a chance to network with other writers, agents, and publishers. Also, spending the day in a castle strewn with unicorn-emblazoned regalia is just totally awesome.