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portal cake

The Ginger’s birthday is almost upon us, and I have neither gift nor baked good prepared. This awesome spread is from two years ago, when I surprised him with a cake that was definitely not a lie. His only friend is up front, waiting for a slice, lacking a party hat.


Here’s a cupcake I entered into my family’s 4th of July cupcake contest. Yeah, I come from a whole family of dorks.
Anyway, it’s a rich chocolate cake with Nutella buttercream frosting. It’s got a butter cookie Declaration (hand-inked by me because if it’s not as accurate as possible, it’s crap) complete with a forged John Hancock in the appropriate place (that’s what she said). Also includes a cookie ink well and a quill cut from zebra stripe gum. I spent most of that day chewing the scraps from the gum until they lost flavor two seconds later.
By the way, I won the contest with this but I think it was only in the presentation category. Bitches be trippin’. [February 12, 2013]


I know Easter’s still a long way off, but I’m putting this up in the hopes that the Zombie crazy will be dead (really dead) by then. It’s my take on Think Geek’s Chocolate Zombie Bunny. [February 21, 2013]